We’ve all seen ads featuring the fit power-couple with beautiful faces and bodies to match, but how often do you see that in your clients? It’s one thing to stumble upon a couple who wants to work out together, and another thing to encourage your clients to bring their significant others. When you work out with someone else, especially someone you care about, you’re encouraged to do better, do more, and do it more often.

Encouragement from a stranger can only go so far, especially when someone is attending their workouts all alone. Here are some reasons that couples should work out together more often, and reasons you should encourage a weekly ‘bring your partner’ day.

  • Couples encourage each other to work out. Whether it’s just encouragement for getting off their ass, or praise to go that extra mile during their workout, a partner’s presence can boost your self-esteem and willpower.
  • Fewer cheat days. It’s harder to rationalize a cheat-day when a partner is getting ready to go, and even harder when they call your client out on it.
  • Stronger communication and teamwork. When couples focus on health and fitness together, they learn new things about one another and what works for each of them. You’ll watch your clients learn to talk to one another better, and boost each other up during their workouts.
  • Reaching goals together. Couples working out together can share the excitement, and celebrate milestones together!
  • More quality time. Working out is honest quality time that they will use to better their bodies and health together.
  • Flaunting the results.  Sharing the glory with another equally attractive person only makes the payoff better.
  • Workouts never get boring. People are more likely to switch up their routine when someone else is present, and having someone to talk to only makes working out more interesting!

  • Exercising together is a whole new experience. They’ll learn to love the other at their sweatiest, and their best will only look better.

  • Help each other over the hurdles. People are less likely to procrastinate and give up when someone else is there to accompany them along the way.

  • Have a happier relationship. Building love on a strong support system helps couples stay happier longer!

    Your clients don’t have to already be fit and healthy to start working out with someone, and they don’t have to buy matching outfits either. Just encourage your clients to be there for one another, and let them know about couples packages and group sessions with other couples!


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