Becoming a sought after personal trainer requires hard work, motivation, excellence in both training and client care, and the ability to market yourself. Here are some easy to implement ways you can use in 2017 to effectively grow your personal trainer business!

Make Certain You Are Adequately Represented Online

You need the following three things set up to ensure you are easy to find and contact online!

  1. A website. This can be as simple as a single page, with the services you offer, a bit about you, and ways to contact you / make an appointment via a form, an email, and a phone number.
  2. A blog. This is how you position yourself as an authority in your vertical. The blog page can often be hosted on the same platform as your website, and you can use it to post value rich content for your clients or prospective clients.
  3. Social media. At minimum, have a Facebook account set up – better yet, have Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest or Instagram (remember, fitness is visual!) are great to showcase workouts, routines and to connect with your clients where they like spending their time. Share valuable information to keep them informed and looking to you as the credible expert.

Current Client Outreach

Your current clients are the best marketing tool that you have. Use them to build your business via word of mouth by:

  1. Offering incentives if they bring a new client to your business – a gift card, free sessions, or free gear are all appropriate.
  2. Encouraging them to connect with you on social media and interact / share posts with their own friends
  3. Promoting your clients’ advances and milestones with in-gym and online victory laps and other motivational boosts.

Networking with Other Professionals

Making friends in your local community is also a good tactic. You can network with other professionals such as:

  1. Doctors. They can refer patients who have expressed interest in getting fit / healthier. Extra points if you connect with specialists and alternative medicine professionals.
  2. Real estate agents. Ask local agents to add you to their list of local businesses and resources for new people moving into the area – you might pick up a few clients looking for a new in-home fitness program.
  3. Your local Chamber of Commerce is another place to market yourself, as they can distribute your materials to tourists who are looking for a place to work out while on business trips or vacation.

While you are at it, also make sure your personal trainer insurance is in effect and provides full coverage for your business in 2017.

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