A smoothie is the go to of any true fitness aficionado – right? But the routine can get boring quickly if you don’t mix it up with different styles and flavors. Here are 3 tried and true smoothies that will get your morning off to a great start.
Delicious Protein Powder Smoothie
Start with a high quality protein powder, Add milk – dairy or non-dairy; almond milk or coconut milk is fantastic. Dump in nut butter of your choice, a banana if you like, or some fruit yogurt. Chocolate is good – go for dark for better antioxidants and less fat. You can mix this kind of shake up in a Bullet blender, food processor, or other mixer and it will be delicious. For best results, keep the milk chilled as cold as possible and use frozen peeled banana chunks for a creamy, smooth taste. You’ll think you are having an ice cream shake. This site has great protein powder smoothie recipes to try.
Yummy Veggie Smoothie
You don’t have to use powder to get protein into a shake, veggies like spinach and kale work wonders, and if you buy these fresh and make sure they are chilled and dry, the texture and taste will be great. Try mixing either green vegetable with a strong tasting fruit like a mango, and add smooth consistency with chilled coconut milk and some frozen banana chunks – or go full mojito with pineapple and mint blended in along with ice cubes for a delicious green drink. Try more green smoothie recipes to find one you can’t live without.
Terrific Fruit Smoothie
Everyone loves a quick fruit smoothie, Washing, peeling (if necessary) and chopping fruits to pop in the freezer can provide a base – or dump your chosen fruits in a blender, puree, and pour into ice cube trays for a jump start. Add yogurt, milk or non-dairy milk, a little cinnamon or vanilla, and garnish with a lemon slice or berries for a boost to your morning that tastes and looks great. Feeling brave? Avocado makes smoothies smooth as silk and the flavor is subtle under the fruit. Try these fruit smoothie recipes and get creative!
Ask your clients about their fave smoothie recipes, and think about holding a smoothie experimentation day with a huge variety of ingredients and BYOB (Bring Your Own Blender). You’ll be amazed at how many variations you can come up with.
Don’t forget to keep your fitness trainer insurance up to date. Nutrition advice counts when you are a personal trainer, so ensure you and your smoothie day are covered!
Discuss how to get protein from fruits and/or veggies for your smoothies – that not all smoothies have to have protein powder (spinach and kale are high in protein).
Include one smoothie using fruits, one using vegetables and one with a protein powder. Discuss how chia seeds are packed with protein – good to add to fruit smoothies.

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