Fitness isn’t just for young adults and people looking to lose weight! Kids can benefit greatly from regular exercise, and getting all their extra energy out can make it a hundred times easier to put them to bed at the end of the night. Many children will love exercising if you disguise it as a fun Halloween-themed game.

This year, a kids’ workout class could be a great way to get the whole family involved. Plan a family friendly workout party, complete with games and an endless loop of ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons.’ Add some dry ice, candy, and some fake cobwebs, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween party the kids won’t forget anytime soon.

Here are three games you can work into a special Halloween exercise class, all of which are guaranteed to burn off any extra sugar-rushes the children may have gotten from the free candy.

  1. Impression Tag. Do you have a crew of pirates, a herd of animals, or a collection of characters? Have the kids play tag according to their costumes, and encourage their creativity. A little Elsa can sing the chorus to ‘Let It Go’ as she speeds away from a roaring lion, and a ninja can show off his moves while chasing a witch. Pull out all the stops, but make sure no-one gets hurt.
  2. Freeze-for-Fall. A real free-for-all for all the hyper kids in the room, this is a great game. Start up the Halloween playlist and get the kids moving and dancing, then pause it at random moments. If they’re still moving after the music stops, they’re disqualified. If you want to keep it light and avoid any upset children, keep it non-competitive – maybe just a ten-second timeout for moving infractions.
  3. Duck, Duck, Ghost! Get into the Halloween spirit by reinventing a classic. Instead of duck, duck, goose, try replacing the big bird with an even bigger spirit. Have the kids give their best Casper impression as they chase the unfortunate duck around the circle, and if the duck gets back to the ghost’s spot before they are tagged, the ghost becomes the new runner.

There a lot more ways you can put a spooky spin on classic party games, but these are definite ways to get the kids up and moving. If they’re not tuckered out by the end of this lineup, try sitting them down for ghost stories or some juice boxes before sending everyone home. You can even have some prizes the kids can exchange their extra candy for to cut down on the excess sugar.
As always, remember to have your fitness trainer insurance up-to-date before holding a Halloween event (or any event, for that matter!).

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