Everyone wants a sexy, toned stomach, but we all know how difficult that can be. We have all tried crunches in an effort to lose that bit of weight we all tend to carry above our belt buckles but crunches are difficult and can be painful to do. So what if we told you that we know of some fantastic exercises that you can do from home without ever doing a crunch again? If you’re sick of pumping out crunches without seeing any results, you should definitely try these exercises out:


Do you enjoy doing yoga to relax? Perhaps you use yoga as a workout. Try this out while you’re doing yoga for a flatter tummy! While doing the plank position (pushup position with forearms on the ground), try moving your body from your waist. By twisting your body, you should be able to feel the burn in your abs. Make sure that this movement is effecting the muscles located from the bottom of your ribcage. While doing this, make sure you tighten the muscles with every motion. This should be felt on each side of your body as you move. You can also exhale deeply while doing this to increase the strength in your abs as well as protect your lower back from injury.

Leg Reaches

Slim that tummy down with this waist-size reducing exercise! Lay down with your face towards the ceiling. Leave your left leg bent and your left foot flat on the floor. Lift your right leg up towards the ceiling and leave it there. Take your left arm and reach towards the ceiling while making sure that your right arm is still tucked to your side. If you cannot keep your arm at your side, try putting your hand in your pocket! After you are in position, open the leg that is raised to the right and raised arm to the left. While you do this, make sure to concentrate on your abdominal muscles. Try doing 6 reps at first, and if you can do more, go for 12!

Donkey Kickers

Not burning enough yet?! Try Donkey Kickers! Please do not actually kick donkeys… this is just an exercise with a strange name… try it out and you’ll be sure to feel the inferno in your belly! Get down on all fours and get your right leg off of the ground. Bring your knee to your nose and follow this with a kick straight out behind you like a donkey. While doing this move, make sure to keep your butt tight. If you feel this in your lower abs, you are doing the move properly. Do this in sets of eight and switch legs for each set.

Using these exercises to get a flatter belly is quite possible, so try them out! Pair these exercises with cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet to watch that belly shrink away!

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