In honor of National Make a Difference to Children Month, CPH Insurance would like to highlight three inspiring professions which help make a difference in children’s lives every day. The kind work and dedicated compassion of Social Workers, School Counselors, and Early Childhood Interventionists serve to promote healthy well being among children.

3 People Who Make A Difference To Children Every Month:

Social Workers – whether clinical or traditional, Social Workers undertake a heartfelt responsibility of helping families, children, and individuals work through a variety of circumstances. Covering a broad spectrum of cases and causes, Social Work primarily involves advocating on behalf of clients when facing issues of poverty, social injustice, or violations of civil liberties and human rights. Categorized under the umbrella of mental health, these professionals are typically well-versed in psychology, though licensure varies by state. Social Workers who specialize in Child and Family matters handle a wide range of cases including work with: foster children, single-parent assistance, and adoption arrangements; as well as in school settings, assisting with social, emotional, and academic conflicts.

School Counselors – previously known as ‘guidance counselors,’ the newly coined School Counselor fulfills the dual role of both counselor and educator at all levels of education. These specialized mental health professionals are committed to providing a variety of assistance to America’s youth, including facilitating programs for character development, violence prevention, and future career planning. Counselors are expected to engage in both individual and group counseling sessions to ensure students are well-adjusted and equipped for transitional phases in life, including changing schools and eventually preparing them for adulthood. The responsibilities of promoting student’s academic achievement, personal growth, and social development are the central goals for all counselors from elementary schools to college.

Early Childhood Interventionist – born from the Federal IDEA Act (Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement), Early Childhood Interventionists are specialists who coordinate a strong support system for families with children experiencing developmental disabilities or delays from ages birth to two years of age. ECIs are trained to screen children for eligibility under the IDEA Act to receive free health tests and screenings. ECI case managers are also responsible for orchestrating various health professionals to assist children and families with the developmental process including: psychologists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, social workers, and physicians. These compassionate and nurturing individuals work closely with individuals under emotional distress to help ease the discomfort and properly navigate the legislation to receive the help they need.

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