When we address human beings as a whole entity, we use the term Mind/Body. This reflects the importance of not just physical health, but also mental and spiritual health. All three aspects of our being are important. Personal trainers, Reiki Masters, Pilates and yoga instructors, healthy eating coaches, cranial sacrum, and massage therapists each equally need a mind/body blog. These are the top three reasons why:

Reason Number 1:  You need to have a web presence

In the digital age, people expect you to have a presence on the web. Even if you hand a person a business card, they expect that it will have information leading them to you online. People are interested in far more than your name and number, they want to see details of your background, education, services offered, pricing and even bits of your personality.

By having and maintaining a blog, you can not only share price lists, professional credentials, and references, but information on current and upcoming specials as well as a place to express yourself in words and pictures. This is where you can collate your entire digital footprint.  What we’re actually talking about is an eventual mind/body website of which the blog will be the central feature.

Reason Number 2:  You need a place to communicate with your audience

Your blog provides the perfect platform for you to put your knowledge on display. Unlike many other mediums, a blog allows you the space and freedom to explore the depths of your knowledge. For example, a yoga instructor may choose to use their blog to highlight a new pose each installment and explain the benefits of it as well as why it helps you achieve better flexibility and health.

Furthermore, this is where you set the stage for everything you do. This is the content you share across your social media, where you get people excited about visiting, and where you generate leads and eventually sales from which builds your client base.

Reason Number 3:  You need a platform to sell your additional products or services

Every progressive fitness professional is looking to sell something, whether it be a product or service. You may be a distributor or affiliate looking to build a downline or you may have nothing to sell at the moment, but want to lay the foundation for the future.

Regardless of what you plan to sell, you need a platform to stage all of this from, and a blog is the best foundation for that. Using the Mind/Body form of blogging lets you appeal to all of your clients’ needs.



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