Social Wellness Month, founded and sponsored by the counseling group Words of Wellness, is celebrated every July. WOW Counseling hopes to increase national awareness of the power of social healing, and to educate society about how imperative social interaction is to overall happiness and long-term well being. Studies show those with strong social network are more likely to live longer, respond better to stress, and better able to fight off illness.

In honor of Social Wellness Month, CPH Insurance suggests three ways to celebrate!

  1. Join A Club That REALLY Interest You – our interests, hobbies, and beliefs are dominant driving factors of social compatibility. Whether a book club, sports team, or support group of any variety, engaging with others over things that are of mutual interest is a great way to promote social well being. Regular social interaction is essential to building positive self-esteem and self-awareness and is enjoyable when done over an activity considered a valuable use of our time.
  2. Reconnect With A Close Friend Or Family Member – if you’ve been neglecting to nurture relationships with those you care about lately, this month is as good of time as ever to reach out and reconnect. Sincere gestures as simple as a phone call or meeting for coffee to offer your appreciate is a great way to promote mutual more harmonious and healthy relationships.
  3. Spend Some Quality Time With A Four-Legged Friend – many studies have shown beneficial effects of pet ownership on a person’s ability to maintain stress levels and leading to greater heart health. Companionship and gratitude isn’t just for humans! Taking time to show your animal a little TLC can do wonders for both of your wellbeing.

CPH Insurance is proud to provide professional liability insurance for practitioners in the Allied and Mental Health fields who educate us on social wellness every day. Thank you for contributing to a more productive and positive society! Let’s take this month as a reminder to appreciate and reconnect with those in your social network that bring happiness and good will into your life.

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