If you’re a trainer, you are always looking for ways to keep the turn of the year clients coming back, long after their January signup. It’s a running joke that many people stop coming to the gym after the first month of their resolution, but it never hurts to give them serious reasons to return. Not only will you be saving clients, but you just might help someone succeed too!

Here are four ways you can make a good impression during that crucial second month, and keep them coming back.

  • Encouragement. This is obvious, but it’s always said that honey attracts more flies than vinegar. Make yourself friendly and approachable, and praise your clients for doing well in their diets and workouts. With proper encouragement, people are more likely to keep trying and meeting their goals, and more likely to keep coming back.
  • Help them set realistic goals. Unrealistic goals can be discouraging, and many people might procrastinate on long-term objectives before giving up. Set short-term, easy-to-reach goals for their first few sessions, and don’t let them push too hard. Results don’t happen instantly, and it’s easier to reach a lot of small goals than one distant, enormous target.
  • Group activity. 30% of people tend to return for more workouts when they are involved in a group activity. When there is a whole class of people, clients are more likely to find a friend—and a reason to keep coming back. Like many other things, exercise is more fun with company!
  • Greet your clients. Having your receptionists greet clients, or greeting them personally when they come in, can make every person feel important. People like to feel special, especially when they are working hard at something, and it can be very encouraging to have a friendly face greet you at the door. Remember, your clients come here willingly, so make sure their visit is worthwhile!

Doing these things is easy, especially after you make a habit of it, and your clients will notice and appreciate how you go the extra mile for them. With proper encouragement and attention, any person can improve their health and stay true to their New Year’s resolution, so why not help them get there?

Bonus tip: Offer an incentive to clients who make it to the end of three months at the gym, with a certain total number of classes taken – a free half month will encourage them to stick it out and keep showing up!

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