How much do you exercise a day? According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, fewer than 5% of adults in America exercise more than a half hour every day. Many do not exercise at all. The health issues associated with lack of exercise are staggering, as risk for diabetes, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, depression and cognitive impairment increase significantly.

But how much exercise a day is enough? The Washington Post recently released an article stating that a half hour simply isn’t enough. In fact, the health benefits for those who work out 30 minutes a day are nearly the same to those who do not work out at all.

Further, it is recommended that people exercise for one to two hours a day in order to achieve optimal well-being. This amount of time in one session may seem nearly impossible to carve within the busy work day, but when broken up into small sessions, can be much more manageable.Try scheduling out seven minute blocks to every hour instead. A seven minute workout per hour during a 9-5 workday totals the daily recommended one hour of exercise each day. It also can dramatically increase productivity by relieving stress, getting your blood flowing, and recharging the mind. Here’s some tips on how you can incorporate small workouts throughout the day this Holiday season:

1. Take the Stairs: Skip the elevator next time and hit the stairs. Bonus, if you are wearing the right shoes, is to lightly jog up the stairs.

2. Desk Push-Ups: Push-Ups aren’t limited to the floor! Try this push-up by placing your hand on your desk, body at a 45 degree angle towards the desk. Bend your elbows to dip towards the desk, then straighten to pull your body away.

3. March in Place (High Knees): Stand tall, hands at waist, and alternate standing on each leg, bringing one knee at a time to hip-height.

4. Walk Around the Office: Try walking the perimeter of your floor, grab a coffee, or walk to a colleague’s office to say a quick hello.

5. Chair and Desk Dips: With your back turned, place your hand on your desk or chair. Bend at the elbows to dip.

Looking for outdoor exercises to stay active this fall? Check out Getting Ready for Fall Fitness – 5 ways to Tailor your Workout for Cold Weather for ideas to get outside and moving today!

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