There are days when the mornings are not sunny and the tasks that stand before you are enough to make you want to pull the covers back over your head and bury the alarm clock. You’re not alone.

When the Monday morning blues extend until Wednesday, and there’s still two more days to go, it’s helpful to have a plan in place that will enable you to overcome the alarm clock and make the leap out of bed and into the shower.  On those days when motivation is the last thing on your mind, try planning ahead to relieve the stress.

5 Simple Steps to Get You Through Your Day:

1. Have a slow morning. For those days that you know will seem never-ending, make a mental note to get up early and go slowly. Take your time, drink your coffee, have a good breakfast. Play some favorite music or just sit back on the porch and let the world move around you. Not rushing in the morning can help you gain peace before you start your busy day.

2. Give Yourself a Break! Work schedules can be a blur of meetings, paperwork and deadlines to keep. The last thing you remember is getting your morning coffee and before you know it, the five o’clock hour is chiming. Where did the day go? Giving yourself little breaks throughout the day, helps make the day seem a little more productive and not as crazy, while allowing you to regroup and clear your head, if only for a few minutes.

3. Pre-Plan Meals How many times have you been involved in this scenario? You’ve been so pressed for time that the meals take the form of a grab and go, drive-thru sandwich wrapped in paper, with ketchup dripping onto your favorite skirt. Plus you feel lousy after taking the second bite. Or you grabbed any leftover in the refrigerator, hoping it wasn’t past its sell date. Take time out on the weekend to plan healthful, easy meals ahead of time. Eating better will help you feel better, with more energy to get you through the day.

4. Practice Stress Relief. You know what to do. Take a brisk walk, enroll in a yoga class, stop by the gym after work, take a bubble bath. Participate in the things in life that makes you feel good and less stressed.

5. Laughter Relief. Purchase a comedy CD for your way into work, or watch a comedy before going to sleep. Adding laughter into your life helps the load seem lighter. A little comedy will put you in a better state of mind.

All of these things practiced on a regular basis will not only help you better prepare for your work day but will aid in your ability to help your clients and their needs. And that’s good practice.

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