Are you looking to expand your fitness trainer business in 2017, but are a little unsure of how to get the ball rolling and then keep that positive forward momentum going? In this blog we outline five tips that will help you do just that. Follow this advice and in no time, you will be on your way to building your business in 2017.

5 Tips for Expanding your Fitness Trainer Business in 2017

  1. Be aware of what kind of information your clients are getting from sources outside of you. Read journals, on and offline and popular publications and fitness blogs so that you are always aware of the latest trends. These serve as the best places stay on top of what is new and hot in nutrition, fitness, and exercise. This allows you to help keep your clients away from fads with questionable credibility.
  2. Expand the scope of the sessions you have with your clients by assigning homework. Give clients an exercise or two to work on between sessions some breathing exercises, or possibly something along the lines of working on their training/food journals. The idea is to keep them engaged even when outside of the gym.
  3. Keep up on your own training! It’s not enough to keep yourself physically fit, you need to keep your mind fit as well and the best way to do that and to benefit your business is by expanding your education. Pursue new professional certifications, take refresher courses to stay sharp, or plan to stay current by attending conferences and conventions.  
  4. One of the most common reasons that personal training businesses fail is the lack of a stable client base. A high client turnover is problematic because it leads to being financially unstable in most cases. Focus not just on bringing in new clients, but retaining the clients you already have. The key to this is helping clients see regular results by meeting their goals.
  5. Finally, you need to figure out how much time you have to devote to work. As a business owner, it’s impossible to bill for every hour you put in. Without limits in mind, burnout is almost inevitable. Come up with a weekly cap for hours you can invest in your business and then stick to it! Just as you would lay out reasonable plans for your clients, do the same for yourself.

Bonus tip: Check your fitness trainer insurance coverage. You need to ensure the future you are building for yourself is adequately protected.

By following these five tips, you will have a solid foundation to expand your personal training business in 2017. Set goals to implement changes and try not to do too much at one time!

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