Vacation: the ultimate stress reliever can also bite back and create a stressful time. It’s almost August, the weekend you’ve been planning is almost here… and we’re ready to give you a taste of that small break, stolen staycation, or (gasp) long vacation you have planned.


After all, we’re all tired of planning this time of the year in advance. These 5 tips will help you (and your practice) survive without you. Let the countdown begin!


5. Groom your temp replacement. We can’t stress this enough – if your #2 doesn’t know how to at least simulate your activities, you will be worried during the whole adventure. Depending o your chosen one’s learning curve, try to do this at least one month in advance.


4. Mistakes happen. Be prepared for the fires, and make sure that the office has a plan of action in case they do. You can even simulate a few drills if it helps you sleep…


3. Block it out. Plan what your accessibility will be like on your vacation. This helps manage expectations of clients and employees.


2. Name supervisors. These people will report back to you when you return. Make sure you name 2 – so that nothing goes unnoticed. These will be your double agents while you are away.


1. No mobiles! Ok – for some we know this is unrealistic, but the least you can do is block off your schedule and set certain times (aka expectations) for the people back home who inevitably will be calling you, be it new business, old advice, or practice emergency.

#1 is a very important aspect of your vacation. Fewer and fewer Americans are taking vacations nowadays, leading to burnout, stress and poor productivity. More vacations = more money for the company, since productivity will increase, mental activity will improve, and appreciation for the practice will grow. Time off = time earned, both in the future as well as the past. So enjoy August! Summer is not over yet.

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