It can be tricky to stay healthy on vacation, but sun and sand or the wide open road doesn’t mean giving up on your nutrition and fitness plan. Whether you plan to travel by car or plane, will be staying in a chain hotel or a campsite, expect a family reunion or a singles getaway, there are things you can do ensure the pounds don’t pile on this summer.

These tips can help you stay healthy and feel great all summer long:

  • 4th of July and Labor Day are events where food is everywhere and most of it can be pretty bad for you! Plan ahead and don’t show up starved. Portion control is your friend, so eat just one hot dog and one s’more, and fill up on healthy treats like watermelon instead.
  • A beachside vacation can mean temptation in the shape of a coconut shell and a flowered umbrella. Alcohol iempty calories, so ration your intake and consider fruit juices and frozen fruit slushies instead.
  • Being in the car for hours leads to boredom and boredom leads to hunger. Pit stops for snacks can lead to a choice between a Slim Jim and a Twinkie at most gas stations, so prepare some healthy snacks and pack them for your trip – granola bars, apples, and home-made trail mix are awesome for car rides.
  • Plane trips can be just as exhausting and in-flight meals are becoming rarer. Instead of being forced to scavenge for extra packs of stale peanuts or munch on dry biscotti, pack some nutrition in your carry-on and enjoy a piece of fruit and a protein bar to keep your blood sugar from dropping.
  • In restaurants, if dining alone, consider asking for a to-go box at the start of your meal and placing half of your food in it. When dining as half a couple, order an appetizer, entrée, and dessert – then share. Groups can order plates for the whole table and eat family style. Portions are usually twice as much food as any one person needs.
  • Look for hotels that offer a hot breakfast and increase your chances of some eggs or oatmeal in place of a sweet Danish. Alternately, plan on hitting a diner and ordering something with vegetables and a lack of deep fried food.
  • Frozen cooler packs come in foldable styles now and can be easily tucked in a lunchbox or shoulder bag with some yogurt to provide a healthy snack on the go.
  • Have trouble drinking water away from home? Carry a small bottle of lemon juice, or carry a water bottle with a built in filter. This will help you get your 8-10 glasses a day.

Staying healthy on vacation isn’t hard if you plan ahead and think about your nutrition. Don’t forget to care for your physical health (seek out opportunities to exercise daily) and your mental health too (fitness trainer insurance can give you peace of mind about your career!)

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