Did you know that fruits and vegetables are more nutrient-dense when in season? Scientific studies also show by eating fresh foods seasonally you naturally consume higher amounts of antioxidants and reap greater benefits for your body’s detoxifying systems.

Eating fresh produce seasonally also contributes to a healthy local economy, supporting farmers and fresh markets in your area, as well as reducing the carbon footprint in society since food doesn’t need to be transported from more distant farms. Since produce doesn’t need to travel as far, there are fewer premiums placed on it, usually resulting in a cost effective way to eat healthy!

While there are many delicious fruits and veggies, our seven summer foods are packed full of vitamins and nutrients to keep your body properly functioning during the hot summer months!

7 Summer Foods To Stock Your Shelves

  1. Avocado – a natural metabolism boost, this fruit makes a great addition to sandwiches and salads
  2. Bell Peppers – whether grilled or stir-fried, power up your immune system and add some spice to your dishes with these vibrant veggies
  3. Carrots – perfect summer snack to keep your teeth clean and fight off cavity-forming bacteria
  4. Cucumbers – slice one up and soak in water overnight for fresh cucumber water that will have your skin complexion glowing
  5. Eggplant – gain brain power from this rich antioxidant, served up sliced and pan fried in some oil or coconut oil
  6. Mangoes – lower cholesterol and clear clogged pores with this dual-action sweet treat
  7. Summer Squash – packed full of fiber and a rich source of minerals, just a cup of summer squash can significantly increase the quality of your health

With benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory properties to cancer-killer machines, be sure to get your fill of these powerhouse foods while they’re in season! Check out the chart below for other foods in season not only during summer, but throughout the year.

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