Moms nurture and tend to the needs of their children, grandchildren, even spouses – often forgetting to take time to care for their own needs. A fitness class at a small studio could be just the getaway they need to find that time for self-care and rejuvenation.

Add luxury to the experience…

Pair up a cardio workout with a spa package or massage. There’s nothing better than winding down after a good sweat than getting those muscles relaxed so there won’t be stiffness the next day. A soak in a hot spring or facial treatment can make it even more special.

Purchase a multi discipline package…

Signing mom up for a studio that offers a variety of different classes can let her try out a few different things before deciding on her preferred workout routine. You may think you know best if your mom would prefer kickboxing or yoga – but giving her options puts the decision in her hands and could open new pathways to fitness and fun.

Join her for a session or two…

Many moms find their empty nests lonely. Surprise your mom with a class that lets you work out together – you might find it to be some of the most rewarding minutes you’ve spent with her all year, with a common goal and a chance to try something new.

Fitness trainers take note…

Classes given as a gift are more likely to be redeemed, so consider a special promotion to appeal to those seeking a unique, fun, and wholesome gift to present to their mothers. Come up with routines that focus on fun as well as fitness, and have the least potential – at least on the first day -for awkwardness or self-consciousness. Also ensure your trainer insurance covers you in case of accidental injury – you may have a number of women in your class who haven’t been to the gym in a while!

Mother’s Day is a great time to show mothers how valued they are and open up a whole new concept of “me time”. It’s a gift that allows her time away from her normal “mom routine”, with the added benefit of safeguarding or improving her health – a win-win!

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