September is International Strategic Thinking month. No, this holiday was not made solely for 007 admirers or chess enthusiasts – but everyone should take this month as an excuse to look a little more Bond or Bond villain (whatever your heart desires).

As mental and allied health professionals, you may not understand how this applies to you. However, even as a counselor, nurse or occupational therapist, you may lose your strategic insights – by falling prey to routine.

Strategic thinking is defined as a method of thinking that is geared towards success of a business, game or operation. Are you applying yourself to your future goals and successes? Now is a good time to evaluate yourself and your office for its efficiency, and ability to accomplish the goals placed on your team.

Steps to strategic thinking:

  1. Look to the future! Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? Are you on the right track to achieve those goals?
  2. Evaluate your current habits. Determine if your habits are going to lead to your success or decline. Which ones work? Which ones do not? If your goals include expanding your practice, are you taking the proper steps to do so?
  3. Create a plan. Once you’ve identified your problem areas, you can be proactive about destroying the negatives and improving the positives. Formulate clear, small, achievable goals in a path to lead to your success.

The two big success threats in the mental and allied health fields are HIPAA compliance and inability to acquire the proper professional liability insurance policy coverage. Professional liability insurance is the best way to be protected from litigation, should any malpractice accusations occur.

Key Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance:

  1. Ease of access is a major bonus. It’s easy to upgrade, get a quick online quote, and sign up for insurance so that you are covered immediately.

  2. Coverage is portable, so it will follow you if you change offices or as you work for different agencies.

  3. The Avoiding Liability Helpline, available to CPH & Associates policyholders is an invaluable resource and exists to offer legal guidance and resources to help prevent potential lawsuits.

Newly licensed discounts, risk management discounts, and even internet discounts make coverage affordable and competitive. Occurrence form liability coverage, supplemental liability, and unlimited defense coverage, all provide peace of mind that your bases are covered. How’s that for strategic thinking?

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