Professional expertise can only improve the value of your practice! Coaching and counseling are some of the top ways to do that. Planning on taking that plunge in the upcoming years? Don’t forget to follow these important steps when adding a coach or counselor to your practice!

  1. Licensing: Before adding a therapist/coach to your practice, check your future employee’s credentials. Has he been licensed by the proper board? Any past issues or lapses? Psychologists need to be licensed by the state’s licensing board.
  2. Goals: How do you see a counselor/coach benefiting your workplace? Coaching and therapy are ways to help patients achieve life goals. This can improve the reputation of your practice in the community if it matches with your current/future philosophy.
  3. Hours/availability: Is there room for your therapist/counselor to work in-house? When will s/he work?
  4. Marketing: Your practice is adding another important component! Let everyone know – use the website, circulate the information via word of mouth, keep in-office brochures and social media sites to let everyone in your area know that you are adding another component
  5. Successful Integration of Coach/Counselor: Get patient feedback to help discover whether your patients are receiving the desired level of wellness care from the new member of your practice.
  6. Liability Coverage: When adding on another professional you will also need to add them to your liability policy. Check into a group policy at the time you decide to grow.

Your practice is known by your professionalism and ethical success. Any therapy or counseling segment added on to your practice must meet your standards or you could wind up losing patients!

No matter what you call it – therapy, counseling or coaching – your goal is to improve the lives of your patients. Research all the aspects of adding this new, exciting component to your practice and patients.

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