Emotionally well carries with it several factors that all go together. For instance, how attentive you are to your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. How you deal with stress and maintaining balance in your life, and how you respond to life’s changes and uncomfortable situations.

As professionals who provide care for others, teaching them how to maintain balance, sometimes our own life can get, well a little out of whack.  Emotional wellness is found in different ways by different people. For some it’s exercising often and eating healthy. For others it’s taking a cooking class or enjoying an evening of reading once a week.

Emotional wellness means finding your balance, whatever that is. The path to emotional wellness involves awareness of personal thoughts and feelings, portraying a positive attitude, setting and keeping priorities, and accepting mistakes as they are while learning from them.

Emotional wellness pairs closely with stress, keeping your stress levels low, helps to achieve emotional wellness and balance. During periods of high stress and emotional imbalance, therapists are more likely to make mistakes in their professional career, which can lead to even more stress should a lawsuit occur.

If you find yourself feeling a little unbalanced take control of the your life, breathe and take some time to think about what you want right now and begin making changes that allow you to feel balanced again. During this time, communicate with your staff. Let them know what you’re going through and ask them to check your “p’s” & “q’s”, which will help avoid serious mistakes at work.

Whatever you may be going through, remember it is only for a period of time and you will get through it. It’s important during these times to take a step back to reflect on your life and remember why you chose the path you chose, while also taking actions to achieve emotional balance again – whatever that means to you.

What makes you happy?

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