Nancy Brent

“Willful Refusal” to Care for AIDS Patients

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - November 15, 2014 You may recall that the last Bulletin discussed whether or not a nurse...

Nancy Brent May 26, 2016

Nursing Care and Inmates

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - December 1, 2014 If you are a governmental employee of a federal or state correctional institution,...

Nancy Brent

Challenges for You in 2015

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - January 1, 2015 For most of you, last year was probably a challenging one, both professionally...

Nancy Brent

Using Your Cell Phone at Work Can Cost You Your Job and Unemployment Compensation

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - January 2015 A Pennsylvania nurse who worked as an R.N. in a nursing center decided to...

Nancy Brent

LPN Voluntarily Surrenders License Due to Unprofessional Conduct

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - February 2015 It is a well-known fact that boards of nursing have the authority to discipline...

Nancy Brent

Liability and the Certified Nursing Assistant / Nursing Aide

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - March 2015 As you know, your role of a certified nursing assistant / nursing aide (CNA)...

Nancy Brent

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