It’s very hard to change your eating habits and schedule to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. However, your fitness trainer has heard all of the excuses and complaints. Hundreds of Americans successfully start a new nutrition program every year, and a good percentage of them come out of it as victorious, healthier individuals.

Even if you’re part of the group that has failed in the past, or is afraid of failing, don’t be ashamed! Many of the gym memberships bought in January only last until March or April, and there’s no shame in falling flat on your new year’s resolutions. Dreaming big is not a crime. Sometimes you just have to readjust your goals. Trying again isn’t anything to be ashamed of – you aren’t beat until you give in.

If you plan on going to a personal trainer within the next few months, or within the year, it may be time to change your outlook on health and fitness. Starting early can make it easier once you begin an official program. The first step to change isn’t quitting all of your bad habits cold-turkey, so start making little changes now, even if you don’t plan on signing up for a gym membership or fitness classes until the New Year.

If you’re looking to instill some qualities that your personal trainer or coach will admire, here are some tips to keep you on track.

  1. Be positive! Instead of listing all of the things you hate about your body, frame your list as positive improvements instead. A trainer can work with “I want stronger calves” a lot easier than they can with “I just hate my legs.”
  2. Think about the bigger picture. Focusing too much on one bad week (or month) can be detrimental to your mental health. Exercise and diet are supposed to improve your life, not stress you out. Focus on moving forward to hit revised goals instead of obsessing over ones you failed to reach.
  3. Start slowly. Many clients are too ambitious, and when they fail, they become discouraged. You can avoid this by being reasonable and setting realistic goals. Don’t judge yourself off of others’ standards. Just communicate with your trainer and make a plan that works for you.
  4. Be open to change. This seems obvious, and yet many clients fail to see eye-to-eye with their trainers once they start planning a program. Try to be open-minded to new ideas, and don’t be afraid to try new things for the sake of your health.
  5. Commit. This is the most important step to succeeding. Non-committal clients are a dime a dozen, so try to break the mold and motivate yourself. Talk to your coach about reasonable programs and reward plans, and stick to them – be a full participant in your journey to the new you.

Remember that being healthy and fit is your choice, so it’s your responsibility to reach your goals. This doesn’t mean you can’t ask for guidance or help! Be open with your trainer, and motivate yourself to make strides towards a healthier lifestyle. When you strive to make each session as productive as possible, your trainer will appreciate having you as a client.

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