Nutrition, other known as food that supports life; is how many people control their weight, how they control their health, their stress levels and more. A healthy lifestyle can lead to more energy, better health and a life of increased passion. If your nutrition gets unbalanced for any reason, the body may respond with an illness, exhaustion, depression, a lack of drive and much more.

October is Eat Better, Eat Right, Eat Together Month and to celebrate we want to offer a few ways you can do just that.

Eat Better: Feeling a little tired this month? Have you ever thought it could be from the foods you are taking in? Here are a few options that are in season to mix things up a bit:

4 Great Foods for the Fall:

  1. Artichoke: produces a second, smaller crop in the fall. It’s great to mix in with your salads, roast it as a great side for dinner, and add it to your pasta with a little pesto for a good taste and a great dish. Whatever items you like to cook, the fall is a great time to add some artichoke to your meals for a refreshing mix to your diet.
  2. Apples: They’re in season! Sometimes we forget that apples are a seasonal fruit, but this is the perfect time to enjoy apples, after all an apple a day, keeps the doctor away, right?
  3. Spaghetti Squash: is coming into season and is a wonderful  side-dish that could also be eaten for lunch the next day, by itself.
  4. Figs: The perfect fruit for fall and a great choice for something sweet after a meal. Bite into a fig to replace that cake and coffee you enjoy after every meal or mix some up in your meal for great flavor.

Eating right is important to your diet; this includes how often you eat and what you eat. If you are a snacks person, cut out the potato chips and snickers bars and replace them with a nut trail mix, gluten free pretzels or a fruit or vegetable.  Eating smaller meals, with healthier decisions about what your snacking on and you are on your way to more energy and overall improvement in your daily life.

Eating together with your family, your friends or your coworkers can also lead to healthier habits and the opportunity to build closer relationships.

3 Ways to Eat Together:

  1. Look at everyone’s schedule and pick a time for meals that works for everyone’s calendar
  2. On busy days, fix something that is quick and easy so there’s more time to chat
  3. Create fun conversations while at the table to encourage conversation, making the time enjoyable while also nutritious.

Eating together and eating more nutritious leads to better relationships, a better you and more fun during meals. During this month, try and make it a point to get together with those you care about whether it’s your family or friends, take the time to enjoy what you eat with conversations that make the time pleasurable.

Find the foods that are best for you and feel the difference it will make in your everyday life. While you help others make right decisions, remember to make the right decisions for your health too.

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