CPH Insurance is proud to support a coalition of professionals who promote feelings of self-confidence in others, including nutritionists, massage therapists, psychologists, and personal trainers. Every day these hardworking professionals spend their time encouraging others along the path of personal growth and prosperity. As a result, clients feel better prepared and more confident moving forward in the world.

June is acknowledged as Beautiful In Your Skin Month, but we believe beauty is beyond skin deep and instead is rooted in a strong sense of self. Studies on children show that a healthy self-esteem reduces the likelihood of kids being picked-on or bullied by peers. Children with well developed self-confidence are also less likely to grow up with substance abuse problems and are better able to ward off unhealthy relationships.  Translated into adulthood, self-confidence assists in keeping us motivated to seek out our goals and maximize our potential for living a meaningful life.

What makes you feel confident? For some it may arise from being viewed as an expert in a particular field while for others provoked by a high level of proficiency at a particular task. Whatever it may be for you, understanding what makes you feel confident is a great start to multiplying the effects of reduced stress and increased feelings of overall happiness and wellbeing.

To learn more about building self-confidence, check out this awesome article by Mind Tools that will prepare you for success in whatever venture you may choose! Still not convinced? Here are 10 Benefits of Having High Self Esteem!

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