As we recognize March as National Nutrition Month, we also celebrate National Nutritionist Day on Monday, March 11, which helps to recognize the good work nutritionists do to help people lead better and healthier lives.

In thanking all of our clients who are nutritionists, CPH wants to also provide ways to

celebrate this day and one way to do that is to spread the word on the good work nutritionists do to improve our lifestyles.

Both nutritionists and registered dietitians meet stringent academic and professional requirements, including earning at least a bachelor’s degree, completing a supervised practice program and passing a registration examination. Acquiring professional liability insurance is a part of these requirements.

The expertise of the nutritionist is revered throughout the medical community and services provided by a nutritionist can help in lowering medical costs, keep people on their jobs and prevent prolonged hospital stays. Nutritionists help to get people on track by recommending ways in which they can not only improve their health through food but increase their stamina and energy levels for physical activity. The right education can go a long way in fighting many health complications such as cancer, obesity and heart disease and nutritionists can aid these battles by altering how people relate to food.

National Nutritionist Day is a part of National Nutrition month. Every March people in the dietitian and nutrition fields are recognized for the work they do in focusing attention on the importance of making informed food and nutrition choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

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