It’s National Social Worker’s Month, and we at CPH would like to recognize the amazing dedication, compassion, and work ethic displayed by those in the social work professions. Often underpaid, under-recognized, and undervalued, the men and women who spend their days reaching out and offering help to the least fortunate are some of the best people on earth.

CPH Insurance supports Social Workers not only collectively as a group but individually no matter what career path they choose. We are grateful to have all of you as clients!

Liability insurance for social workers helps support your career, protecting you against professional liability claims and giving your employers and clients peace of mind. It’s not just the assured representation in case of a court case that makes CPH a great choice for your liability coverage, however; we also provide many tools to aid you in your day to day work and extra benefits.

  • Our helpline assists you in avoiding liability by providing 2 hours of free legal advice for situations that could potentially lead to a claim.
  • Our avoiding liability bulletin is a free monthly newsletter focused on areas of potential liability, with tips on how to keep yourself in the clear, prevent mishaps or charges of misconduct, and manage difficult or murky situations.
  • Our application process is real-time, and you’ll have proof of coverage within five minutes of a successful application submission.
  • Our customer document lookup allows you 24/7/365 access to download proof of coverage if needed.

While social work can be a rewarding career, sadly helping others can put you at risk of a complaint lodged by someone who is unhappy with an outcome, regardless of whether or not it was your fault. You need professional liability coverage to protect you from frivolous lawsuits, or from legal action due to alleged negligent acts, errors, or omissions that can arise even years after the alleged event took place.

Without social work professional malpractice insurance, precious time and resources must be spent attempting to defend against such claims, regardless of their merit. Professional liability insurance provides you with experienced legal defense as well as coverage for settlements or damages, meaning your career is safeguarded and your financial situation won’t be needlessly put at risk.

Don’t put off obtaining professional liability insurance. Having a coverage in place means you can keep doing what you do best – helping others! Contact CPH for a quote today and protect yourself and your future.

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