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Malpractice Insurance for Life & Health Coaches.

Proud Partners

CPH Insurance is proud to partner with Coaches Marketing Corner in support of professional growth and development for life and health coaches.

As a life and health coach, you’ve dedicated your career to helping others, and you should be free to focus on client care without worrying about a threat to your livelihood. With Malpractice Insurance for life and health coaches,  you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected in the event of a claim or suit. Because there can be a variety of needs when it comes to malpractice insurance for life and health coaches, we provide a policy that goes beyond just providing a lawyer.

Malpractice Insurance Coverage Highlights

  • Occurrence form (lifetime) coverage
  • A++ rated carrier for Financial Stability by A.M. Best Co.
  • Portable coverage throughout the US
  • Telehealth & Virtual coaching services covered
  • Optional Premises Liability
  • Unlimited defense coverage
  • State licensing board defense coverage
  • Deposition expense coverage

Whether you have questions before purchasing a policy or need assistance with an existing one, we have licensed insurance agents available by phone to lend knowledgeable support. At CPH Insurance, we treat professional liability insurance for life and health coaches similarly to how you treat your clients. We want to support you professionally so you can be the best coach to your clients and provide a lasting impact on the lives you touch.

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