Even when you are on vacation and away from your gym or fitness studio, keeping up with a workout routine should be a priority. Your clients will be planning their summer vacations for this month and the next, so now is a good time to ensure they come back well-rested but still in step with their fitness program.

Five ways you can encourage your fitness clients to work out on vacation include:

1. Discuss the importance of maintaining a consistent work-out regimen while traveling. It keeps mind, body, and spirit in synch when the rest of a daily routine is disrupted. Sleep patterns will be more normalized, energy levels will be higher, jet lag will be minimized, and the chance of exhaustion upon return from the trip will be lower.

2. Remind them that they can find simple outdoor activities like a long walk, jog, or run outside if the weather permits. Local open classes in public parks can often be found – consider a calming yoga meditation class, or seek out a group that runs together and join them on a local trail.

3. Encourage your clients to look into any reciprocal programs offered by sister gyms in the location they will be in. Make sure they have a t-shirt or members card if you own your own gym and have secured reciprocal privileges with others. If not, tell them to check out sites like Groupon or Living Social to check for special on classes in their destination area.

4. If the weather may be inclement, suggest that they use a hotel fitness center or pool – these are often free or very inexpensive to use and can allow a quick swim or treadmill workout at the start and end of each day.

5. Finally, teach your students well enough that they can do routines on their own while on vacation! You can even sit down and come up with a DIY workout schedule for them to follow while they are away and this will provide them with motivation to get up and get exercise in every day.

You can also give some guidance to your clients about remembering their nutrition plan while they are on vacation. Setting goals with your clients will help them stay on track and they’ll return rejuvenated but still psyched about their normal routine.

Don’t forget that all advice can be considered part of your fitness trainer scope of influence, and ensure your fitness trainer insurance is up to date.

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