June 13-19 is Men’s Health Week, and June 19 is Father’s Day. What better time to give dear old dad a healthy gift that will encourage him to stay fit so he can be around for years to come?

It’s not just a great gift for Dads; fitness classes actually have multiple benefits and can significantly help men in their personal and professional lives while promoting a better lifestyle. Not surprisingly, it can also make your relationship with your dad even better!

Some advantages of gym workouts for father and child can include:

1: Reduced Stress and Less Tension

Exercise is the best stress reliever – at least, when the focus is on doing it for health and not to prove a point, compete for the biggest muscles, or get attention. Book sessions for dads and children together to foster a sense of happiness and joy and ease any tensions in the parent child relationship – it’s amazing what barriers can be broken down when you get together to sweat together.

2: Better Role Modeling

Fathers with higher BMIs and low exercise levels set an example that children quickly follow. But sometimes, the child can encourage the shift in behavior. Be the catalyst to help him get out of the house and into a fitness routine by using your example to help (not to judge). Both of you will benefit and get healthier, and this can spill over into a great example set for other siblings.

3: Longer Life Expectancy

67% of American men are overweight or obese; they are also more likely than women to smoke, eat red meat and too much salt, skip fruits and vegetables, and drink alcohol. A fitness regimen can include better nutritional choices, helping to stave off cardiovascular issues, liver disease, and heart attacks. Men often don’t like to discuss fitness, health, or diets, but in the setting of a gym or fitness studio, these barriers can be broken down.

Offering a Father’s Day special for dads and their kids – of all ages – can be a way to start conversations about health and fitness that crosses generational gaps. Make your class non-threatening enjoyable, and open to men of all fitness levels and capabilities, and you just might find your most avid workout teams are father and son or daughter and son pairings.

Remember to keep your fitness trainer insurance up to date, especially when attracting new clients that may be unused to working out, No-one wants their Father’s Day class to end up with an injury and a claim!

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