CPH is a hands on company inside and out. Not only is it important for us to make sure the work environment is enjoyable, but that we provide the best care for all of our clients. CPH truly loves the work it does and the clients it helps on a daily basis.

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we thought we’d share some Love about the many, many reasons we enjoy doing what we do. We hope you will share some of the Love back!

5 Reasons We Love Our Customers

1.    Helping Our Clients is Our Passion

CPH & Associates is a company that provides insight and help to customers who need it. This is not only the idea behind our company but the passion for each employee who works with us. Our company is a family and each of us have a common personality trait, passion. We hire driven people who have a passion for helping others, to protect our customers in their career.

2.    Protecting Careers is Important to Us

Our goal is always to put the customer first. We do this by making sure our knowledge of the industry is always up-to-date so we can provide the best advice. Technology, regulations, and life is constantly changing in the mental health industry and protecting you and your firm is the most important goal for us.

3.    Our Clients Make Our Day, Everyday

We love the satisfaction we get everyday by helping you! Having the answers to tough questions makes our jobs worthwhile. Customer service is a huge part of what we do and being able to work with clients who are patient and understanding allows for us to better serve you.  When one of our clients faces a difficult situation we want to be by their side until they get through it.

4.   Clients Are Always Understanding

Because the industry is constantly changing with new technology and regulations, our clients are always patient while we help find the best information for their situation. We take pride in helping you and your practice and we appreciate that our clients are accepting of our guidance.

5.   Clients Are Trusting

We love that our customers trust us to provide guidance and advice.

We wouldn’t be considered a trusting source of information if it weren’t for our customers. We appreciate all of the positive feedback we are consistently provided and that truly drives us to be a better company for our customers.

Thank you to every client who puts their trust in our hands. We appreciate your business and hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day!!!

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