Valentine’s Day opens an exciting opportunity to reach out to your clients in new ways. You have an opportunity to reach out to singles, couples and even those that don’t particularly care for the holiday. From date night classes to fitness boot camps, this list offers something for everyone and is sure to assist you in generating new clientele.

Candlelight Yoga

For a different approach to date night, offer a candlelight yoga session for couples. This invites your current members to introduce their partners to your location, as well as offers a unique bonding and rejuvenating experience well suited for Valentine’s Day. Advertising for such an event on social media is also likely to attract an array of potential customers that are considering joining a facility.


Zumba has become very popular over the last few years and provides a fun alternative to pumping iron. Offering a BOGO Zumba class would invite your current client’s significant others to join the fun and learn a few dance moves along the way. This event can also be advertised outside of your current list of customers to bring in some new faces for a stress-free, low-pressure trial of your business.

Fitness Bootcamp

Make this a singles event open to your current customers. Bring your clients together to interact with each other. Mixing, mingling and a little friendly competition can go a long way in a group of singles. Be sure to create exercise routines that encourage teamwork and communication for a fun and challenging event suitable for all fitness levels.

Personal Training

Try bundling personal training sessions to appeal to couples, specifically to bring in new customers. Adding a partner to your current personal training packages at a discounted price will generate new clients as well as relationship building.

Whether you decide to try one or all of these promotions, be sure to get started at least two weeks in advance, particularly for one-time events. Creating flyers and marketing emails in a timely manner is key when running seasonal campaigns.

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