Just like proper stretching and technique are essential in the gym or on the field, you know that as a fitness professional, preparing your fitness based business for any potential pitfalls can mean the difference between keeping on track with professional goals and having to hit the showers early due to a nasty liability lawsuit.

You’re in this business for the love of fitness, and you never intend for any clients to get hurt while under your instruction. The fitness industry has so many different facets, and you may be a yogi or a bodybuilder, a gymnast or an athletic adviser, but one thing is certain, your clients’ safety is always in your hands.  A smart fitness professional carries proper liability coverage by a reputable insurance provider because you truly never know when an injury will occur during physically demanding activities.

Skill levels vary, and even the most eager pupil can find themselves injured by an overzealous misstep, leading to a potential for legal action against you or your company if medical costs or loss of income are endured by the injured party. For this reason alone, having specific liability insurance aimed at fitness-minded professionals is the smartest pre-workout move you can make for yourself.

You will need to look for a company that offers specific coverage designed for professionals in the fitness industry, from instructors to gym owners. Find an agent who will aim to write fitness insurance catering to the needs of your specific business, because you face very unique challenges in keeping your clients safe from harm as they work to better their bodies and repair their personal balance.

The popularity of personal instruction and group fitness classes have exploded, and with this increase in demand for trainers and advisers, the fitness industry has also seen a number of malpractice and personal injury lawsuits take place. Many of these incidences could have been prevented if the trainer in question had carried professional liability insurance tailored for WellFit businesses. The most common situations in which a WellFit professional would need to rely on their liability coverage include:

  • When a client is injured due to improperly taught techniques or negligent spotting practices
  • If a visitor to your business is injured due to a slip and fall accident
  • When a fitness program you recommend to a client results in injury or illness
  • If a client accuses you of sexual harassment, abuse, or other improper behavior

Don’t get hit below the belt by a situation that is truly out of your hands. Carrying the proper insurance as a WellFit professional will keep your business and its clients protected in case of any incident, and you’ll be able to keep pumping out healthy, satisfied customers. Covering legal and medical costs associated with any unfortunate events, the right insurance policy could literally save your business from collapse during a liability lawsuit. Do what you do best, and keep your clients feeling and looking their best. Leave the “what ifs” to a professional liability insurance company, such as CPH & Associates.

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