Autumn is the season of sweaters, scarves, and pumpkin spice. (OK, if you’re active on Instagram, that is) If you prefer to look at fall in terms of weather and holidays, Autumn brings a lot of holiday breaks and temperature drops.

For new clients who focus on jogging or other outdoor activities on non-class days, cold-weather program-freeze needs to be addressed before the moment arrives, substituting alternate workouts for days when dragging themselves outdoors is unlikely.

If you’re looking for some flexible workouts to keep your clients motivated and moving during vacation, here are a few October specials.

  • Encourage indoor workouts. It’s healthy to sweat it out during the summer months, but jogging during nippier weather may be unpleasant. If your client can afford a treadmill or a cycle, now would be the time to buy one; otherwise, encourage more frequent visits to the spin club or gym.
  • Tough clients who aren’t afraid of a little cold air? Excellent. Encourage them to bundle up and enjoy the scenery. If there is a park or a forest trail nearby, ‘tis the season for good views. A jog in the forest without a few snaps of the colorful trees is a hike wasted.
  • Take the dog. Active breeds such as greyhounds or border collies need exercise, and even more sedentary dogs such as beagles can use some fresh air, so combine pet care with a workout.
  • Pick up a new regimen. Doing the same exact thing day in and day out can be boring, and fail to adequately workout all parts of the body. Variety is important so consider indoor classes and workouts at home on really nasty days outside, and encourage clients to cross train for a better physique.
  • Make a diet plan. Now is the perfect time to start talking to clients about nutrition, before the holidays when temptation will be everywhere. A points system where extra workout time (not the standard, this has to be over and above the usual routine) can “pay” for indulgences is a good way to stay on track and not lose ground during the holiday season.

Finally, ask your clients if any of them would care to team up together as workout buddies for the last few months of the year. Even if they can’t meet every day for a joint workout, they can motivate each other and provide accountability. As always, remember that even advice given for workouts done outside of class carries some liability, so have your personal trainer insurance up to date.

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