You don’t need to be an Olympic Bodybuilder to go to into a the gym every day with the intention of making a change in their body — one of the more common goals is to get larger and stronger. By focusing on growing muscles, bodybuilders are exerting a lot of time and effort in the gym. All bodybuilders try to use their time in the gym as efficiently as possible — include these muscle-building workouts in your daily regiment, and you will surely see results!

Bench Press—Using the bench press helps to build pectorals, anterior deltoids, and triceps. The bench press is the stereotypical workout that people associate with muscle growth because it is common, and relatively easy to do. Depending on hand placement, the bench press can work a multitude of muscles and it truly works wondering for muscle growth. The further out you place your hands on the bar, the more your workout will focus on your chest. As you bring your hands in closer together on the bar, you work out your triceps and anterior deltoids.

Bent Over Row—This muscle-flexing exercise promotes growth in the lats, rhomboids, mid-traps, rear delts, biceps, lower back, forearms, and brachialis. To get in position to do this workout, have your feet under your shoulders, bend your knees, bend your torso so your body is out over your knees. Then you must pick up the barbells with both hands and pull it up towards your chest.

Deadlift—You may have seen this workout in the World’s Stronger Man competition. This workout promotes muscle growth in the quads, glutes, hamstrings, lower back, upper traps, and forearms. When deadlifting, the main goal is to build up the muscles in your back. To do this workout, take a barbell and lay it in front of you with the desired amount of weight on it. Have your feet under your shoulders and pick up the weight by thrusting your hips. Bring it up to where you are standing straight holding the weight and bring it back to the ground. Be really careful with these, though — it is very easy to hurt yourself with improper motion, so do your research, and/or ask a trainer about proper form prior to starting.

Pull-up—When doing pull-ups, you are working out your lats, rhomboids, rear deltoids, mid-traps, forearms, and brachialis. Depending on how wide your grip is, certain muscles will be worked out harder than the others. This is a great workout for your back as well.

Working out utilizing these muscle-building workouts will hulk you up in no time at all, as long as you are following a proper plan and absolutely, at all times, use proper lifting techniques. Focusing on these exercises will produce results, so make sure to work hard!

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