Getting Ready for Fall Fitness – 5 ways to Tailor your Workout for Cold Weather

Exercising in cold weather requires some forethought, and a sense of realism and pragmatism unless you want to end up frozen, wet, and despondent at the side of some muddy road.

Cold-weather exercise has to be approached the right way and so the human body can adjust to the low temperatures. Follow these suggestions to ensure you and your clients can continue to enjoy outside workouts as summer fades into fall and eventually winter.

Acclimate your Body

The morning when you get up for your run, get to the bottom of the driveway and go back up to grab a jacket from the hall closet is a sign. Recalibrate your run, and set a pace that won’t torture your lungs with suddenly chilly air. Focus on effort, over your actual pace or miles run. When you hit that stopping point, you should know it – you are aware of what your body can do and how the workout usually feels.

Dress Appropriately

Layers can help mitigate the effects of working out in colder temperatures. You can start off with a light jacket and a hat – even gloves. Strip off articles of outerwear as you warm up. Don’t forget to have a dry tee shirt to change into for your cool off period, when a sweat-chilled body can get the shakes.

Find a Workout Buddy

Dragging yourself out to exercise is harder when the weather starts becoming inclement. Looking at those cloudy skies can be a downer, but if you have a person to answer to, getting out with your slicker rolled up and tied to your belt is easier. You might even be able to find a “rain or shine” running group. Misery loves company.

Change your Venue

If you simply can’t stand running in cold or wet conditions, consider working out inside. Find a machine or gym class that fits your regular workout style and stay inside on days you just don’t feel like facing the elements. You can even try out some new types of exercise.


Don’t forget, you still sweat even when you are cold. Fill your thermos with hot, fruit infused water and keep on exercising. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, hydration is still a key part of any workout.

As with any advice you give your fitness clients, cold weather workout tips are covered under your personal trainer insurance policy – so make sure everyone is being smart and safe as they plan their fall workouts.

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