In 1998 the Secret Society of Happy People declared Aug. 8 as Happiness Happens Day and expanded the celebration into the entire month in August 2000.

Mental health counselors and others in the mental healthcare industry can often times use a little bit of happiness spread their way, but it also helps to share smiles of your own.

How can you celebrate the Happiness Happens Day and month?

Here are Few Ideas:

  • Happy Moments: Make an extra effort to recognize and talk about your happy moments (don’t forget to listen to others talk about their happy moments too)
  • Create Happiness: Don’t rain on other people’s parades; in other words, don’t stop their happiness with your own unhappiness
  • Make a Happy Treasure Chest: a box full of the things that bring smiles to your face. Fill it with favorite photos; precious cards and letters; momentous and artifacts, such as movie tickets, playbills, jokes, happy quotes, cartoons, music, candles, videos, and the like. When you’re in need of a “Happy Booster” look inside your ‘Happy Treasure Chest’ and you’ll find plenty of smiles. 
  • Happy Memories: Put a piece of paper on the wall with each person’s name. Then have either family members or co-workers draw or write down a happy memory that they experienced with that person.
  • Lead a Happiness Happens Month Celebration Activity at Work: Vote for the happiest employee or customer, have a lunch in which everyone talks about their happiest moment at the company

And by all means, share the happiness: smile, compliment others, and show genuine interest in others. Make someone happy and you’ve achieved happiness for yourself! No matter who you are there’s a lot to be happy about.

For you maybe it’s family, your job/career, your home, life.. whatever it is that you are happy about focus on those things to keep yourself positively motivated. And by all means no matter how big or small tell the people in your life why they make you happy or thankful to have them in your life.

What are you happy about today?

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