March is National Nutrition Month – we’ve all head the importance of healthful eating and keeping up with physical activity. Nutrition is about more than diet: it’s about controlling your weight, maintaining chemical balance, and preventing disease. These are just a few of the long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Working long hours in an office is not the ideal way to stay healthy – let this month’s tips start habits to keep in healthy the whole work year.

Plan your diet

Planning what you eat means preparing food for the right times. Eating on time is almost as important as eating well. Diets for health focus on eating smaller amounts, more frequently.

When you plan your menu and coordinate your shopping, you waste less food and time, and have a less stressful evening that’s planned out!

Always Stock Healthy Foods

You’ve had it repeated all your life: fruits and vegetables are important to eat and stay healthy! One way some dietitians do it is by roasting and refrigerating the vegetables in advance. Keeping prepped raw vegetables for salads and making it simple to combine them quickly.

Eat Vegetables Before They Go Bad

Keep the vegetables cold and handy – great for snacks and important to consumer. Mix them into any dish, but make sure they are eaten before they turn brown. Brown vegetables have less nutrients, and defeat the purpose of that healthy snack. 

Forget the Cereal: Eat a Big Breakfast

A large breakfast is a good preventative measure against unhealthy habits, crashing from hunger, and also having an efficient work day. Since the day will be relatively sedentary at the office, it’s important to snack lightly while at work, and keep lunch and dinner on the smaller end. That way, when you sleep, many calories don’t go straight to your body without getting burnt off.

If you can’t take the time in the morning for a decent breakfast, make that lunch your big healthy meal of the day. The purpose? Eliminate evening snacking and eat a smaller dinner. The more calories earlier in the day and the healthier you’ll feel and be!

Staying safe isn’t just about being ready for unpredictable professional liabilities. Keep your health and wellness, and share these tips around the office for a healthier March, leading to a healthier 2014!

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