Having an at-home gym can be expensive if you go out and purchase all of the equipment to work out every muscle group, but there are many common household objects that can be used as gym equipment. Create your own at-home gym and get a great work out in with these five tips for using common items found around your house in place of gym equipment:

Box of Powdered Detergent/Bag of Dog Food

This can be used as a weight that you can hug. Perk up your bottom by squatting with the extra weight! Hug the weight and make sure that it is not going to slip out of your Kung Fu grip. After you’re hugging your weight, with your feet should width apart, squat down until your butt is almost touching the floor. Bring it back up to finish the rep. Try doing 5 sets of 10 or more.


As difficult as it might be to fathom how chairs can be used to get a workout in, the truth is that it is actually possible to get a great arm workout using just a chair from your kitchen. If you’re interested in toning up your arms, use the chair to do tricep dips. By standing in front of your chair facing away from it, it is possible to get in the dip position. Lower your body towards the ground until your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle. Once you are down that low, hold onto the edge of the seat with your hands. Once your grip is nice and tight, raise and lower your body to work out the triceps. Try to do 3 sets of 10 or more depending on your strength.

Milk Jugs

Filling up a milk jug with water weighs approximately 8.5 pounds, making them the perfect weight for anyone who is looking for cheap at-home weights to use for toning up arms, shoulders, and chest. By using milk jugs full of water as weights, it is possible to do just about any workout for your arms, but biceps are the muscle group that this weight would be perfect for. By curling the milk jugs as one might do with a weight at the gym, it is possible to tone up your bicep. Try to do two or three sets of 10 or more curls. Overhead presses are possible with these weights as well.

Heavy Book, Paver, or Brick

Using any of these items as a weight is very feasible. A lot of people use these for plate crunches. Hold the book, paver, or brick while you do crunches for an added burn!

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