Last week, we wrote about what it takes to get over the fear and intimidation of gyms, and how to make going to the gym as pain-free and convenient as possible. Since the entry was wildly popular, we thought we should probably expand on what we know, and share more steps with you.

When we last left off, we talked about how to negotiate when signing up for a gym membership, and be very careful to read the fine print when it comes to leaving the gym or severing the contract, so that you are not locked into a membership forever. While some, typically high-end gyms have options for month-to-month memberships where you can cancel anytime, most require you to sign a lengthy contract and have the membership fees automatically taken out of your bank account or credit card, and also make it next to impossible to get out of it.

Why is Being able to Leave the Gym Important?

Simple: lives change, and gyms change. A new job may take your daily route away from the previously convenient gym, or out of town altogether. Maybe a friend of yours who got a sudden inspiration to lose a few pounds joined a nearby gym, and you would like nothing more than to work out with them. Perhaps avoiding the gym may come from doctor’s orders, where a nagging injury or an illness may force you to skip the gym for a few weeks to a few months. If you can’t go to the gym you have a membership in, there is no reason for you to have to keep paying for it.

On the other hand, changes in management or sudden influx of new memberships in your gym may quickly turn it from your preferred workout spot to a somewhere you dread going. Maybe your favorite equipment is not getting fixed for months, maybe the stink in the locker room is getting to biohazard levels… or maybe you spend more time waiting for piece of equipment than you do exercising because the gym is so crowded — regardless of the reason, being able to jump ship and move on is important, so be sure to read through the fine print, and insist on an easy, straightforward process for contract termination.

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