Yogis and students, did you know that this Sunday, September 20th, 2015, is World Yoga Day? The practice of Yoga has long been touted the most universal method to attaining overall health and mental wellbeing. On Sunday, beginners and experts alike will enjoy a day which has been set aside to recognize the importance of our craft and its benefits. While there are certainly celebrations taking place worldwide, to include retreats, gatherings, and other events, taking advantage of World Yoga Day is about much more than simply coming together with other students to connect for Yoga’s sake.

Inspiring New Yogis

This is a day when a Yoga instructor must focus on spreading their gift and generating a buzz about the practice to inspire those who may not even know the child’s pose. Utilizing social media, you can create conversation and spread word of World Yoga Day to your followers, and asking them to share your post will not only help it reach a potential Yogi-to-be, but will also benefit your business. Try to create a post that inspires sharing, whether you utilize a quotation or photo that begs to be retweeted, or a contest that your students can share with their Facebook friends.  Getting your students excited about their practice will lead them to share the peace and strength they have developed with their friends and families, who will, hopefully, embrace a practice of their own in your class!

Spreading Inner Peace

So many days we drive about and never stop to recognize the struggle in the life of those who surround us. On World Yoga Day, spread the gift that your practice has bestowed on you, and commit to inspiring acts of random Yoga. Perhaps you start by creating a photo challenge for your Instagram followers, or hang a sign outside your studio that offers for curious passersby to stop in for a demonstration. Whatever you do, remember that teaching Yoga is more than a job; it’s a commitment to sharing your love of inner peace and overall health-consciousness with the world, one student at a time.

Re-focusing Your Own Practice

Use World Yoga Day for your own well-being, to re-define your goals and evaluate your personal practice. Take time to feel gratitude for the clientele and environment that’s been cultivated, and find balance in your business protocols. Part of protecting your students and your business includes ensuring you are covered in the event that a student is injured while attending your class. If you’re not sure that enough coverage is in place, CPH & Associates is currently offering immediate quotes for WellFit Professionals. Their specialized fitness liability insurance is written to fit the specific needs of wellness minded business owners and their employees. Find out what they have to offer for your Yoga practice, and remember to say “Namaste!” on World Yoga Day!

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