In remembrance of the turning point of the Second World War, D-Day has become synonymous with bravery but is also the reminder that peace comes at a price. In honor of all those who fought for a peaceful world, today’s post looks at peace (and love!) In the context of a yoga workout you can take to your own students to encourage mindfulness and gratitude.

Many people are initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits and low impact workout it provides, but then get hooked on the deeper layers of a workout and how feelings of peace and acceptance can be a part of each successful session. You can foster this kind of good feeling by making your studio a place that generates good vibes while still providing a solid, science based physical workout.

Set the Mood

Simple is best, and it only takes a small modification to allow you to add a light dimmer to your studio. Have some quiet music playing, and schedule classes with a five to ten minute “arrival” or “settling in” period at the start as well as a “wind-down”  or “relaxation” segment at the end.

Plan for Comfort

Whether your students bring their own mat or you supply them, having a few extras in place for drop-ins or those feeling under the weather can help. Consider balls, cushions, and support pillows for achy knees or backs when you outfit your yoga room. Offer optional poses that allow the wall to be used for support if need be.

Voice Intent

Consider letting students voice their intentions for each session – whether they have a specific goal in mind, or want to dedicate the day to someone special. Otherwise, you can simply suggest that the day be about peace, or remembrance. If anyone in the class has a D-Day story to share from their family’s history, this is a good time.

Guide Breathing

Don’t forget to keep reinforcing breathing even if your students are experienced. Controlled inhalation and exhalation is a great part of what makes yoga so calming, both on a mental and physical level, and it can also provide the emotional balance and support that comes with self-control.

A special class to commemorate D-Day is easy to implement into your regular routine, and may well be appreciated by those old enough to remember the events as well as those who could use some reminders of the past even if weren’t alive at the time.

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