We are living in a time of peak busyness. People are always multi-tasking, on the go, and glued to their phones. Busyness is one of the reasons personal training is hotter than ever. Trainers are filling a need for clients who want customized regimens, because they have limited time. Between work, travel, and extracurricular activities, it seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Gyms are also capitalizing on this boom and jacking up their prices, because they know that people will flock to them, regardless of the monthly fees. More people are learning a healthy workout routine improves their health and lengthens their life, so they’re willing to pay the price to stay in shape.

Some clients (and trainers!) are even turning to online resources. As with anything, there are both pros and cons to using an online platform. Some clients may enjoy having more freedom that comes with maintaining control (and time) of their workout, while others might want the in-person experience,as well as more structured sessions. Both offer expert advice, and those big-name trainers just might become readily available to people who didn’t have access to such caliber of trainers before the online trend. Perhaps even for free! It’s an exciting prospect.

If you do decide to recommend online training to your clients as a means of helping to keep them fit in between sessions with you, make sure to do your homework! Before giving your referral, check that the online trainer is reputable and that they offer the kind of routine your client needs. It’s important in online personal training, the trainer has personal trainer insurance to protect them against potential claims that may arise.

Personal training puts the emphasis on personal, and even if more and more people are choosing to undertake it as a profession, it doesn’t mean the bubble will pop anytime soon. Underscore the quality in your relationships with your clients, and stay informed about the industry. By doing your research and being proactive about how online personal training fits into your business, you’ll have a real chance of sustaining a successful fitness profession.

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