Also known as National Lover’s Day, Valentine’s Day is seen as the most superficially romantic day of the year. For those who don’t have a significant other in their life, celebrating this day may seem pointless. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be exclusively celebrated by couples. This holiday can also be a celebration of yourself. Instead of focusing on a significant other, focus on loving yourself and your selfies.

As a lover of fitness, taking workout selfies sometimes seem like a must. In the fitness community, after-workout selfies practically come with the territory. On this Valentine’s Day, while you are focused on self-love and taking care of your body, stop and capture the moment by taking a selfie. This will help give you a boost of confidence throughout your workout. Taking a selfie doesn’t have to be considered vain either. Many fitness gurus take fitness selfies as a form of education for their followers. While you are loving your selfie, share it on social media to educate and motivate your peers through your personal workout regimens.

A few fitness rock stars that love their selfies:

Massy Arias (@massy.arias): As a survivor of cancer and depression, Massiel, formerly known as Mankofit on Instagram, turned her life around using health. Several years ago, this fitness guru beat cancer with the help of clean eating and a fit and active lifestyle. Today, she is thriving, cancer free, while training numerous celebrity clients and her followers through social media posts. Massiel’s selfies showcase her dedication to fitness, health, and her journey for a fit lifestyle.

Willy Beamen (@willy_beamen): Stefan Williams is another huge inspiration on social media. His posts promote a healthy and active lifestyle, similar to his partner’s, Massy Arias. Through his dedication to his fitness journey and his post-workout selfies, Stefan has been able to grow a huge social media following.

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn): Jessamyn has gained her following through her positivity and social media posts of her yoga workouts. This fit-life follower has radiated positivity and a healthy  lifestyle through her selfies and intense yoga poses.

RawBrahs (@rawbrahs): As lovers of fitness, Nathanael, Timothy, and Daniel decided to come together to create a fitness group centered around a raw eating lifestyle. These three brothers gained their following through their positivity and, often times, radical way of thinking about health and fitness. Today they continue to host their retreats around the world to promote physical health and taking care of mental well-being.

Dan Nevins (@dannevins): As  a double amputee, Dan shares his amazing fitness photos on Instagram, to help inspire his followers. His fascinating strength and flexibility is nothing short of incredible given his story. Today, Dan is clearly loving his life and his selfies as seen from his social media posts.

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