Who loves you baby? YOU DO.

Here comes Valentine’s Day and since you were a young child, you were taught that it was a day for romance. Flowers, candy, dinners, spa gifts …… sigh, the annual day has arrived and who is going to pamper you?  Does it matter? PAMPER YOURSELF!

The thought of flying solo on this particular day does not sound terribly appealing. WRONG! It may be the most appealing of all. Why? Because you know what you want a lot more than anyone else does. It really is irrelevant if you are single or married, it is about taking care of YOU.  Did you know that Febuary 14th isn’t just Valentine’s Day but it is actually Single’s awareness Day as well? That’s right.

So, here are some ideas for you. Do one or two … or do them all. You’re in charge of pampering yourself every day!

Get a wonderful, sensuous massage. Relax and indulge yourself in a deep tissue full body massage. YOU can even pick the areas to be focused upon!

Pick out those “You’re invited” cards and send them out to other single friends (male AND female) who fit into your same category. Celebrate the evening with drinks, dinner and fun at someone’s home. Laugh at the people who just “have to have” a date on this ridiculous night or the couples who no longer celebrate it. Does it matter?  Valentine’s or any day, we can bring all of the things that romance brings into our lives just by celebrating ourselves.  Pop the champagne!

How about taking a mini vacation with a friend? Get away from the same people, the same environment and Go, Go, Go! You won’t even know that it’s Valentine’s Day.

The best relationship of all is the relationship you have with yourself. Be proud of yourself. Did you drop that holiday weight or start a new exercise program?  Maybe you got that new position or the raise you were waiting on?  Or for no reason at all;  Because it doesn’t matter, there is no reason required to celebrate yourself. 

Focus on all of your positive attributes. Look in the mirror and smile at the face looking back at you. Appreciate yourself for who you are – not for who someone else thinks you are! Most of all, realize that being unattached romantically does not mean you are not attached. You’re attached to yourself, your body, your mind, your soul. You have your own identity.

There is nothing more important than self-love. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to love us or to fully love anyone else? Spend some time with yourself by indulging in your favorite activity or enjoy your favorite meal and bottle of wine.

Get out there – and have a blast. And if you want to buy yourself candy and flowers – more power to you!!!!

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