In addition to living a heart healthy lifestyle of smart eating and regular exercise, a monthly massage can be a powerful tool to help reduce tension, stress, and ultimately lower your daily blood pressure! Often when we think of massage, a spa-like ambiance comes to mind and usually with it a spa-like price tag. However, Western research studies showing tremendous health-benefits, the practice of using massage to help alleviate medical conditions is growing rapidly.
Therapeutic massage has been proven to boost the immune system, increase blood circulation, soothe pain from chronic conditions, and increase a person’s overall physical and mental well-being. It is linked to improved posture and respiratory circulation as well.

When a person is feeling stressed, the body releases a chemical called Cortisol, a facilitator of hypertension. High levels of this hormone have been linked to weakening immune systems since Cortisol kills cells important for immunity health. Massage counteracts the intensity of Cortisol, reducing your stress levels, and helping to lower the likelihood of catching a cold or illness.
Studies have also credited massage with alleviating hypertension, which reduces the likelihood of having a heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. Researchers have stated that applying strategic pressure to the body stimulates the vagus nerve in the brain which controls the regulation of blood pressure. As a result, massage is also a highly effective treatment for headaches. With over 68 million Americans identified with high blood pressure, in addition to the 8% of our adult population walking around undiagnosed, we must as a community educate on preventive practices. To learn more about other preventative measures for battling high blood pressure, see our post from last week [B1] in honor of National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month.

The goal of therapeutic massage is ultimately to help patients relax. A fast-paced lifestyle without proper preventative measures can take a toll on both physical and mental health. The effects of just one massage can result in increased feelings of happiness, alertness, and creativity lasting for a series of days or even weeks. CPH Insurance is proud to provide liability coverage for Allied Health professionals working in the massage industry and who are contributing to a positive impact in the daily lives of many people!

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