It’s undeniable that music has a therapeutic effect. It can transport us to another place, a different time, laden with both memories and fantasies. It encourages us to dream, it makes us think, and it forces us to see the world differently. The powerful effects of music have been noted by doctors and therapists alike as they implement it into treatment plans.

Music therapy is being used to help people with psychiatric disorders, communication disorders, physical handicaps and sensory impairments. It has been particularly beneficial in rehabilitating individuals with brain trauma. Music therapy has proven to be effective in the regaining of mental acuity in these individuals.

Whenever music therapy is used in a medical setting, there is an increased risk of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Because of this, it is essential that all music therapists are protected with professional liability insurance for music therapists.

The most common claims to be brought against music therapists are claims of negligence or errors and omissions in the rendering of services. Whether an individual fails to regain mental acuity through the music therapy, or even if some form of malpractice occurred before the music therapist got involved, every therapist runs the risk of facing potential litigation. Other times, when music therapy fails to deliver the results desired by a patient, a lawsuit can occur.

A professional liability insurance policy will protect the therapist in any of these situations, and in others. Defense costs for claims of sexual misconduct are also protected in your professional liability insurance policy. These claims of negligence are not just costly if left to face them on your own, but they can end your career. Don’t let an unfounded complaint to your licensing board leave you out of work.

Investing in professional liability insurance means you can focus on delivering the highest quality of service through music therapy without having to worry about the potential of a lawsuit. When a claim is made against you, CPH & Associates is there to protect and defend you. Professional liability insurance guarantees you never have to face a claim on your own.

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