February is National Parent Leadership Month and a time to recognize the importance that parents play in the lives of their children and community. It’s also the perfect time for parents to learn how they can be more of a positive influence in their children’s lives and help them become upstanding citizens. One way to improve parent leadership is to get input and support from school counselors, which can have the following benefits.

Provides Insight on Child Behavior

A child spends a large portion of their time at school, and it’s impossible for parents to fully understand their behaviors when they’re not at home. Because a school counselor is surrounding by the school environment, they can gain an in depth understanding of a child’s behavior and share it with the parents. If there is a pattern of problem behavior, parents can better address it with the knowledge they gain.

Improves Parent/Child Relationships

Sometimes a child lacks the ability to fully express their feelings to their parents, teachers and other adults. When this happens, it can put a strain on relationships, and the child may need some guidance to maintain effective communication. A school counselor specializes in getting through to kids and helping them develop the skills they need to thrive in life. If there is a specific problem between a child and their parents, a counselor can assess the situation and help resolve it. In turn, this can improve relationships considerably.

Learn Parenting Strategies

Being a parent can be difficult at times. And as the saying goes, there’s no manual for raising a child. Fortunately, a school counselor interacts with children on a constant basis and possesses a high level of knowledge about child behavior. They can use that knowledge to educate parents on how to better connect with their child and understand why they do what they do. This can be incredibly valuable and help parents steer their child down the right path. Parents will also be better equipped to handle bad behavior in the future; so minor problems don’t escalate to more serious ones.

Parent Leadership Month is the perfect time to get better educated on effective parenting. Reaching out to a school counselor can increase parent leadership and have a positive impact on both the parent and child.

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