Six FroYo Recipes You’ll Get Hooked on This Summer

There’s nothing like a terrific frozen yogurt when it’s 100 degrees outside to make you feel like life is still worth living! If it’s too hot to go out and make your way to the closest frozen yogurt shop, you can always whip up a blender full of amazing FroYo at home, and go crazy with unique and fun topping ideas!

Simple and Sweet

Greek yogurt, honey, and vanilla bean can create a fantastic FroYo that can be topped with anything from fresh fruit to caramel syrup to chopped nuts for a completely versatile afternoon snack with half the calories of ice cream, 40% the sugar of commercial FroYo, and a whopping 10 grams of protein.

Summertime Strawberry

Another super simple 4 ingredient recipe combines strawberries, honey, Greek yogurt and a pinch of salt for a creamy red FroYo that will satisfy your strawberry cravings immediately – for under 85 calories a serving! Try topping with a drizzle of melted dark chocolate for extra kick.

Mocha Mama

Coffee, yogurt – it’s practically a balanced breakfast, right. Plain yogurt, milk, cream, brown sugar, cocoa and espresso powders, and vanilla make this delicious treat not quite as healthy as we’d like, but it’s still better than doughnuts and will cool you down when the morning dawns just as hot as the night before.

Green and Good for You

To make up for the sweet, creamy breakfast treat, cool down in the afternoon with mint chocolate chip FroYo. Doesn’t sound healthy? That’s where you’d be wrong – this raw, vegan, dairy free and nut free recipe combines avocado, banana, coconut butter, mint leaves, honey and a handful of mini chocolate chips for a new take on mint chip.

Nuts for Nutella

Got a little Nutella problem? Put away that spoon and quit eating out of the jar, you heathen. Throw a scoop of Nutella along with a couple of frozen bananas into your blender and console yourself that at least now your jar of yum will last twice as long. Plus, now it cools you down!

It’s Decadent, Delicious, and Diet Compliant

It’s red velvet cheesecake FroYo! Wait, what? Yep, this recipe is low carb, sugar free, high protein, and all natural. You won’t believe us without seeing it for yourself, so go discover what ingredients allow you to enjoy guilt free indulgence.  

Share these recipes with your summer fitness clients, and don’t forget – diet advice counts as part of your covered services with the right trainer insurance plan.

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