A great way to kick start a couch-potato’s summer fitness routine is with a boot camp style workout! “Drilling” students like soldiers and helping them reach new physical performance peaks will amp them up for a summer full of hot days, long workouts, and great results. The benefits of a summer boot camp workout are tremendous, but there are some basic tips every trainer should be aware of, and share with their students before the whistle blows!

It is important to stay hydrated during summer boot camp workouts, so encourage your students to drink water before, during and after class. Recommend that they bring more than one puny bottle of water, because in the heat, a student can easily lose a liter or more of fluids per hour. Coconut water is also a great hydration aide, because of it’s high electrolyte content.

The clothing a student wears can make a big difference in their summer boot camp experience. Light-colored and loose-fitting are good general rules to follow, as well as proper footwear, and eye protection in direct sunlight.
If the boot camp location is outdoors, remind students to prepare for the elements. Bringing bug spray and sunscreen is always a good idea, but make sure they select one intended for sports to avoid sweating it off in the midday heat.

Remind students to listen to their bodies! This is critical. Every student has a different threshold for heat, sun, exercise, and dehydration. Ask them to please excuse themselves anytime they need for a drink or a break, but never to abuse that ability to get out of more crunches!

Carry extra supplies, because your students are bound to forget something. Having an extra towel or protein bar on hand could save the day. Always carry extra water, chilled in case someone overheats. It is better to be over prepared than under-prepared!

Now get out there and show every student that this summer is THEIR chance to get in ideal shape!

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