It’s summertime, which means New Year’s Resolutions have long since been abandoned. The beach and vacation times calls, and the siren song of air conditioned movie theaters can be hard to compete with.

However you can turn summer months into a great way to attract new fitness clients if you plan ahead and promote special events and classes designed to attract those for whom summer may seem long indeed.

Short Workout Challenges

Leading into summer, consider “beach body” or “bikini body” classes that focus on ab workouts for clients who already are fairly fit but need to lose those few inches or pounds or tone up before they head out for sand, surf, and sun. An intensive class with four sessions a week for two weeks could provide inspiration and motivation.

Get Kids Involved

Classes aimed at children and parent child teams can be a godsend in the summer, when the shine wears off of the time out of school and kids start to turn into hermits, locked in their room with electronic devices. Offer classes that get kids moving and either include the parents or be devious and set up a room where they can chill out and enjoy some quiet time. They’ll thank you when they get home and their kid is worn out and ready for bed!

Offer Free Fitness Aids

The library does a great job of getting kids to read each summer with reading club. Why not start a workout club? Lay out workout sheets, goal achievement certificates, weekly workout charts and stickers, and prizes for achieving goals. That healthy fruit smoothie place down the street might be willing to donate some free coupons, and you can direct people to their door after a good hard work out for a “prize”.

Don’t let the heat and the boredom get your clients down. Energizing your clients to stay fit all summer long can keep your classes full over the summer months and reduce panic when holiday season rolls around and the thought of family reunions and lots of turkey and pie starts making people nervous about fitting into their holiday wear.

As always, check the status of your fitness trainer insurance and make sure you stay covered when bringing in new clients or stepping up the pace with existing ones!

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