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Avoiding Liability Bulletin - June 2005 … Most state laws make it a crime and a violation of the licensing...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016


Avoiding Liability Bulletin - September 2006 … Practitioners must pay attention to advertising issues because when they advertise they put...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

Sliding Fee Scale

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - January 2008 … In a previous issue of the Avoiding Liability Bulletin, I wrote about my...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

Protected or Prohibited Words

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - March 2009 … As mentioned in a prior piece on advertising, the general rule in most...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

Advertising “Doctor/Dr.”

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - April 2010 As I have previously written, probably on more than one occasion, the general rule on...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

Pre-licensed Persons

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - August 2011 … It must always be remembered that advertising must be truthful and not false,...

Richard Leslie May 24, 2016

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